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A new standard: modern granny flat in Blackwall by Acrow Investments

by Sep 4, 2020

At Acrow Investments, we’re proud to unveil one of our latest projects: a super-modern granny flat in Blackwall, on the NSW Central Coast – all designed and executed with a contemporary flair.

Modern Granny Flat in Blackwall
Located in close proximity to the gentle and photogenic Brisbane Water, this property already had a lot going for it. So, what better way to make a good thing better than expanding its potential with a stunning and new granny flat?

Our clients knew just what they wanted: modern style and easy elegance. We were only too happy to deliver.

Here’s the overview of the project.

  • Project description: A granny flat in Blackwall, NSW, that sets a new standard for modern granny flat design.
  • Result: A contemporary and classy granny flat that perfectly matches the client’s design brief.
  • Project cost: $160,000.00 including demolition of existing cabin, CDC Approval and Construction Fees.
  • Build duration: 14 weeks.
  • Return on investment: The owners are receiving a rental return of $425 per week.

The location

Blackwall is a very attractive, yet still under-the-radar, suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales. Popular with couples, families and retirees, the area boasts a boat ramp and a sizeable portion of bushland surrounding scenic Blackwall Mountain. Many walking trails wind through the surprisingly pristine landscape of the nature reserve to offer commanding sea views from the summit, well over 100m above the shore.

And, as for investment, the area is nonetheless living up to its hidden potential. The median house price in Blackwall last year cleared $700,000. Houses frequently rent out for over $400 per week.

The project

Location isn’t always everything, but building a picturesque granny flat in the gorgeous sea- nature-mountain vistas of the area certainly didn’t hurt our clients’ bottom line.

The brief for this project was clear: our clients wanted a modern, elegant addition to their existing investment property – one that would reflect their contemporary lifestyle. This meant the first step was demolishing the existing cabin on the property. Next, the fun part…

Acrow Investments set about designing and building a granny flat that perfectly reflected our clients’ modern design brief. As well as combining vertical and horizontal cladding in a complementary way with the timber post accents, the design included large windows and a skillion roof. The resulting facade has breezy, unfussy and clean lines.

A contemporary look and feel continues into the interior – spacious and open living areas connect with the kitchen area. The stone benchtops, split-system reverse-cycle air-conditioning, modern fittings and premium vinyl flooring are cherries on the cake.

Two generously proportioned bedrooms complete the property.

Modern Granny Flat in Blackwall - Living Room
Modern Granny Flat in Blackwall - Kitchen
Modern Granny Flat in Blackwall - Bathroom
Modern Granny Flat in Blackwall - Bedroom

The numbers

The project itself cost $160,000.00 inclusive of the fee for demolishing the existing cabin. With the granny flat being rented out at a cool $425 per week already, our clients are expected to earn a return on their investment in no time.

Partnering with Acrow Investments

Acrow Investments is proudly family-run and local. We specialise in the construction of granny flats, duplexes and dual occupancies throughout the Central Coast, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley regions – taking pride in creating dream homes.

We’ve helped so many property owners expand their property’s potential and we want to help many more. Get in touch today for site-specific consultation and free quote today.

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