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The Investor’s Guide To Granny Flats

by | Feb 13, 2018

Fancy adding an extra $10,000 to your bank account each year?

An Acrow Investment’s granny flat can provide an excellent return on investment in the area of 10 – 20%.  Savvy investors will realise that there is the opportunity to earn big bucks in providing affordable housing in this market with granny flats. Acrow’s granny flats are being rented out often for above market value due to the superior quality of build, excellent design and premium inclusions as standard. 

The Daily Telegraph’s most recent article on granny flats shows that there is continued interest in these developments, including the increased interest in dual occupancies, or rather a home with granny flat built in concurrence. The benefits of building both home and granny flat at the same time include a massive reduction in (e.g. a bricklayer’s labour and material costs for a single home will be less competitive than that of a larger dual occupancy project)

“A granny flat built with bricks, tiled roof, timber frames on a slab can cost about $80,000 when built at the same time as a main house.”

Even if you are adding a granny flat to an existing property, it is certainly worth the investment. A simple calculation to work out your  your ROI on your positively geared property is as followed:


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