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Everything You Can Include In Your Duplex Design

by Jun 12, 2022

Duplexes are becoming an increasingly popular option for homebuyers. In NSW, duplexes are defined as two homes built on a single block of land, sharing a roof and a common central wall. As well as providing additional living space, duplexes can be a great investment property.

There are many different types of duplex designs you can choose from. In this article, we will discuss the different types of duplexes and their potential uses. We will also look at the financial benefits of owning a duplex and how you can make the most of your additional living space!

Different Types of Duplexes

Duplex Design - Living area

When you work with the design team at Acrow Investments, they will use floor plans and images from previous duplex projects as inspiration. Your design ideas will be influenced by your planned use of the homes and even by your block of land.

Single Storey Duplexes
Single storey duplexes are the most common type of duplex. They are cheaper and quicker to build than dwellings with two storeys.

Three bedroom duplex Designs
If you are looking for more space, then a 3 bedroom duplex may be the best option for you. These designs can include multiple bathrooms and living areas, making them perfect for families or groups of friends. Most duplexes can also be designed to accommodate different needs, such as wheelchair access or extra storage space.

Four Bedroom Duplex Designs
If you need even more space, then a four-bedroom duplex may be the choice for you. These designs can include multiple bathrooms and large kitchens and living areas and even home theatres or gyms.

Four bedroom duplexes are perfect for families who need plenty of room to spread out, or for investors who want to maximise their rental income.

Double Storey Duplex Designs
You may want to consider a double-storey duplex design. This type of duplex can maximise the use of space and provide more room for living.

Double-storey duplexes can also be designed to include multiple living areas and bedrooms, and having two floors can make it easier when you want some privacy, making them perfect for larger families or groups of friends.

Sloping Block Designs
When designing a duplex, it is important to take into account the site on which it will be built. If the block is sloping, this will affect the design of the duplex. In some cases, it may be necessary to design a split-level duplex, with one dwelling on each level.

Whichever design is chosen, it is important to ensure both dwellings have access to sunlight and are positioned to take advantage of any views. It is also important to consider how the slope will affect drainage and landscaping. Sloping blocks can present some challenges, but with careful planning, they can also be the perfect site for a duplex. Duplexes built on sloping blocks can offer stunning views and unique designs.

Corner Block Designs
A corner block provides the opportunity to create a duplex with street frontages and separate access for each dwelling. This offers the opportunity to have private alfresco areas, too.

Narrow Block Designs
A narrow block will impact the way you design your duplex. Often, a narrow block will have a front and rear duplex, each with its own access and entry. There will be an access path, or drive, along the side of the front duplex.

Custom Designs
Of course, duplexes, like most homes, can be designed any way you can imagine. If you have a dream home, work with the design team to make sure the design matches your dream.

Choose the Right Duplex Design for your needs

Duplex Design - Bath Room

When it comes to Duplex designs, there are a variety of layouts you can choose from. which one is right for you will depend on your specific needs and situation. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a Duplex design:

Your living space requirements
Duplexes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s important to assess the living space you’ll need for your family. If you’re not sure, take a look at your current living situation and see what space you currently have. If you’re looking for extra space, consider a Duplex with more bedrooms or an open floor plan giving you more flexibility.

What kind of layout do you want?
There are a few different Duplex layouts to choose from, including side-by-side or back-to-back.

Consider which one will work best for your needs and lifestyle and for your particular block of land. You may favour a longer narrower building, suggesting a side-by-side layout, or the optimum space offered by a two-storey layout.
Rooms can evolve over time

When you are designing your duplex it is important to remember bedrooms are also “rooms”!

Usage can change depending on your needs over time. For example, look at the number of people who found themselves working from the spare bedroom at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A “bedroom” could easily be a workspace, playroom for children or a home gym!

Benefits from your duplex – More space

Duplex Design - More space

One of the benefits of building a duplex is getting an entire new home’s worth of living space. When you design your duplex you should consider what you intend to do with the additional space. Here are some of the ways people have used their duplexes:

A home office
There are many benefits to using a duplex as a home office. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is you can avoid the cost and hassle of commuting to and from work.

When designing your duplex for use as a home office, it is important to make sure the space is functional and efficient. You will want to create a comfortable workspace conducive to productivity. Here are some tips for creating an effective home office:

  • Make sure the space is well-lit and has plenty of natural light.
  • Create a clutter-free environment. Organize your work area to make sure everything has its place.
  • Choose a comfortable chair with good back support.
  • Invest in quality office furniture and equipment.
  • Take breaks periodically to stretch and move around.
  • Finally, remember you have a whole house-worth of space. If you often hold work meetings, design a meeting room in your duplex!

A guest house
If you expect to have regular house guests, make sure the space is comfortable and inviting. You will want to create a space like a home away from home for your guests. Here are some tips for creating a welcoming space for your guests:

  • Choose a relaxing colour scheme for the bedrooms
  • Add extra seating options such as a comfy armchair or additional sofas
  • Provide plenty of storage space for clothes and luggage.
  • Accessorize with lamps, artwork, and other decorative items.
  • Consider creating an outdoor area where you and your guests can relax around a fire pit or barbecue.

Space for the family
If you are planning a pad for your growing children or a parents’ retreat, you should create a space to be used for a variety of purposes, such as relaxing, entertaining guests, or watching TV.

And a couple of ideas for the future when the family have grown up and you may have more empty bedrooms:

A home gym
Save money on their gym memberships by using your home as your gym. A duplex can be a great space for a home gym because it has enough room to accommodate all of your equipment. You have a private bathroom and can enjoy your favourite workout music without the risk of disturbing anybody.

Storage space
A duplex can be a great solution for your storage problems. You can use a bedroom for all those things you can’t bear to get rid of. If it is a two-storey home, use one of the floors for storage and you won’t have to worry about taking up any space in your own home.

Benefits from your duplex as an investment property

Duplex Design - Bed Room

Many people build a duplex as an investment, to earn a profit. Here are some options for you to consider:

Resale land value
When it comes time to sell, a duplex can be an appealing property. Duplexes tend to be in high demand, and buyers are often willing to pay a premium for this type of home. By having a thoughtful design and keeping your property in good condition, you can maximize your resale value and earn a substantial return on your investment.

Rent one, live in the other
By choosing a design with separate living spaces, you can easily occupy one of the homes while renting out the other. This can be an excellent way to offset your housing costs and generate some extra income. Plus, living next door, you can keep an eye on the property and save money by acting as your own property manager.

Rent both
Many people choose to rent out both units of a duplex in order to double their rental income. Rental income around the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley region will more than cover the repayments on an interest-only home loan. You could be making money from the day you are handed the keys.

Location is key

Location is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a property. The right location can mean the difference between a successful investment and a costly mistake. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a location for your duplex:

  • Proximity to schools, shopping, and other amenities for families
  • Nearby beaches and lakes, national parks and forests
  • Access to public transportation, especially for city-workers and commuters

If you are designing and constructing your duplex with Acrow Investments you will probably have a superb location in mind for your duplex:

The Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley region

The area around the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Newcastle is a beautiful region located in New South Wales, Australia. The region offers everything from pristine beaches and lush forests and National Parks to bustling towns and city life. There are plenty of activities and attractions to keep residents and visitors busy, including shopping, dining, golfing, swimming and hiking.

The area is home to a diverse range of people, including families, retirees, and young professionals. The region offers something for everyone, from quiet country living to the waterside vibe. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or a weekend getaway, this area is sure to please.

Acrow Investments – your design and construction partner

At Acrow Investments, we’ve been designing and building duplexes for years. We have hundreds of delighted customers in NSW.

Our design team will work with you, using our floor plans and beautiful duplexes as inspiration. We will take care of obtaining building approval from the local council and you will be able to watch your dream design become reality.

Contact us today. Discuss your design ideas with our experts.

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