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6 Essential Questions To Ask Your Granny Flat Builder

by Jun 14, 2019

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A granny flat may look like a miniature home… and it is! However, building a granny flat actually requires specialised skills and knowledge. To ensure that you’re getting the best builder for your money, ask these six questions before you sign on the dotted line.

Are you licensed and insured?

Just like any traditional house builder, your granny flat builder must be licensed and insured. Check that they have a current license and are fully insured. In NSW, builders must also carry builder’s warranty insurance. Acrow’s builders have all these essentials covered.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

A granny flat is a major investment, and with your investment you’ll want to know that it is constructed with the upmost quality. Some builders consider granny flats as “quickie” constructions – applying minimum effort and work for maximum profit. Any reputable builder will offer you an extended warranty of at least five years. Acrow’s builders provide six years warranty insurance.

Do your designs comply with granny flat regulations?

There are specific granny flat regulations in place to protect occupiers of granny flats. Some local granny flat builders treat granny flats like sheds and may not even know what regulations apply in your area. Ask first and expect to be given a complete answer.

Why should I trust you to build my granny flat?

Maybe try and phrase this question a little more tactfully (no one likes their trustworthiness questioned) – but you certainly want to know why you should choose one builder over another. Taking the low quote could be a big mistake that costs you later. Taking the high quote may have you paying thousands of dollars in excess. Experienced granny flat builders will be able to provide you with photos, plans and other proof.

Can you provide me with references?

The 100% best way to ensure you’re hiring a qualified granny flat builder is to ask them for references and better yet inspect their previous work in person – as the old saying goes “seeing is believing!” Proud builders (like Acrow) will have dozens of satisfied clients who will be happy to share their experiences. We practice what we preach, so you may see our testimonials section here, check us out on Google here and contact us for more information.

What am I getting for my money?

Some misleading granny flat providers have advertised grannies from as low as $10,000… on closer inspection you’ll discover that they are little more than shells and don’t include slabs, electricity or plumbing. More realistically, professional granny flats start from $99,000 (ex. GST) and upwards. Depending on the quality of construction and inclusions, two granny flats of the same size can differ in price by up to $20,000. As your granny flat provider for a comprehensive quote and complete list of inclusions for full transparency.

Bringing a family together: a new granny flat in Sunshine NSW

Bringing a family together: a new granny flat in Sunshine NSW

At Acrow Investments, we love it when a plan comes together, so we’re thrilled to announce the success of one of our latest projects: a sun-filled granny flat in the suburb of Sunshine. How is that for an appropriate name? Even better is the broader setting of Lake Macquarie, one of NSW’s most promising lifestyle and real estate investment centres.

A new standard: modern granny flat in Blackwall by Acrow Investments

A new standard: modern granny flat in Blackwall by Acrow Investments

At Acrow Investments, we’re proud to unveil one of our latest projects: a super-modern granny flat in Blackwall, on the NSW Central Coast – all designed and executed with a contemporary flair. Located in close proximity to the gentle and photogenic Brisbane Water, this property already had a lot going for it. So, what better way to make a good thing better than expanding its potential with a stunning and new granny flat?

What are the council requirements for Duplexes in NSW?

What are the council requirements for Duplexes in NSW?

A duplex is essentially two homes built on the same block of land and which share a common central wall, also known as a dual occupancy. These homes can either share one land title and owner, or can be subdivided into separate titles so they can be owned and sold separately.


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